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5th Annual VMI Club of Richmond Oyster Roast & BBQ Event
Please join us again for the 5th Annual VMI Club of Richmond Oyster Roast. This is one of our favorite events! Spread the word and bring your friends!

EVENT: 2017 VMI Oyster Roast, featuring Lucky Dog Oyster Co., Steam Bell Brewery and VA Oyster Shell Recycling (VCU Rice Rivers Center)

WHEN: October 14th, 2017, 4pm to 10pm

WHERE: 6101 Patterson Ave, Richmond VA 23226

Come and enjoy a night of Oysters, BBQ, Beer and VMI camaraderie. Hosted by Matt ('04) and Elizabeth Mikula - tickets will include oysters, BBQ, sides, beer, wine and more!

Contact Matt Mikula at 804-240-6258 or mtmikula@gmail.com with any questions.  Sponsorship opportunities are available.  Please contact Matt for details! 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Click here to buy tickets!!!

Event Information
Saturday, Oct 14 2017 at 4:00pm - 10:00pm [ iCal ]
Mikula Home
6101 Patterson Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226

Look Who's Coming:
Guest of James Burket
Guest of John Mountcastle
Guest of Michael Zirkle
Guest of paul masse
Guest of Peggy Holt
Guest of rrPeggy Holt
Guest of Sam Heiberger
Guest of Steve Losasso
Guest of Thomas Cooke
Guest of Thomas Martenstein
Linda Hart
Aaron Alderman
Cheri Alexander
Britni Antonelli
Marc Antonelli
Douglas Brannan
Jeanette Brannan
Melvin Brannan
Herbert Braun
Susan Braun
Beatrice Bronner
David Bruster
Lissa Bruster
Ashley Bugg
Wadsworth Bugg
James Burket
Scott Campbell
Zachary Campbell
Harlan Carvey
Terri Carvey
Christina Colt
Thomas Cooke
Marsha Costen
Ralph Costen
Stuart Craft
Josie Crouch
Justin Dalton
Tamara De la torre
Chandler Dodge
Justin Dodge
Class of 2000
Paul Dugger
Jennifer Ely
Abbie Engelhard
Cory Engelhard
Kyle Fuller
Lanny Gault
Terry Sue Gault
George Goodwin
Renee Goodwin
Liz Grasty
Warren Grasty
Rob Hackemeyer
Erwin Hanke
Class of ‘71
Lisa Hart
Roger Hart
Sam Heiberger
Peggy Holt
Russell Holt
Larry Houseworth
Marie Houseworth
Jacob Humrich
Ryan Jacoby
Holden Jenkins
Susannah Jones
Bill Kastelberg
Franklin Keeney
David Kennedy
Martha Kennedy
Samuel Kirby
Spring Kirby
Bruce Kitchen
William Klick
Samuel LaNeave
Tiffani LaNeave
Holmes Laughon
Gary LeClair
Hank Lee
Lexi Losasso
Mike Losasso
Steve Losasso
Jennifer Lucas
Evan Lyne
Penny Marshall
Richard Marshall
Thomas Martenstein
Carroll Mason
Darrel Mason
paul masse
Avery Mattingly
Nicole Mayberry
Hunt McCarthy
Henry Meredith
Hobie Mikula
Kristine Montagna
John Mountcastle
Tom Napier
Jordan O’Connell
Samuel Pace
Garrett Pangrazzi
Sarah Paulette
William Paulette
John Reese
Betsy Reid
Billy Reid
Ashley Richards
Kyle Richards
Brian Ross
Guest of john solomon Elyse Schoenig
Buff Smith
Luke Snead
john solomon
Drew Stahling
Gregory Sturz
Vanessa Sturz
Donald Talley
Jeanne Trible
Peter Trible
Malon Updike
Ted Wagner
Abby Walton
Amanda Walton
Fox Walton
Jessica Walton
Ross Walton
Susan Walton
Thomas Walton Sr.
Duront Walton, Jr
Amanda Ward
Casey Ward
James Watkins
Denise Weisberg
Vince Wood
Michael Zirkle
Misia Zygolewski
... a total of 139 guests.

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