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VMI Club of Richmond Board of Directors, 2016



Matthew T. Mikula '04 President    vmirichmondpresident@gmail.com    804-240-6258 
Chad A. Lawson '11 Vice President    vmirichmondvicepresident@gmail.com    804-640-1590
D. Grey Lester Jr '02 Treasurer    vmirichmondtreasurer@gmail.com    804-337-3820
Garland Gray '10 Secretary    vmirichmondsecretary@gmail.com    757-880-2370  
Gary Gulliksen Webmaster    webmaster@vmirichmond.com     
J. Hunter Colt ' 13   Director    vmirichmonddirector@gmail.com    931-217-3335  
Caleb Boyer Director    vmirichmonddirector@gmail.com      
Julian J. Bowers '11   Director    vmirichmonddirector@gmail.com 804-441-2203  
Josh Visconti  Director    vmirichmonddirector@gmail.com    804-339-8549  
Tommy Walton  Past President   



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